"We surround our products with a wide compliment of services such as support, component testing, component repairing, remanufacturing. Specialized services available for all kinds of Fuel Injection Systems"

Authorized distributor for service, repair and calibration and sale of parts for Fuel Injection pumps, and injectors of Delphi, Denso and Standyne brands. We undertake repair jobs of all other brands of Fuel injection equipment’s like Cummins, Bosch, Zexel, Nippondenso, Doowan, Mico, Electronic injectors, Turbochargers, starter motors and charging

Diesel Fuel Injection Sales & Services Fuel Injection Sales

At IDS we specialize in the sales and repair of diesel injection pumps, diesel injectors, and turbochargers. Our goal is to provide simply the highest quality diesel parts and service to our customers. Our highly skilled diesels technicians retain many years of professional experience combined in the diesel field and are certified to troubleshoot, service, and repair diesel fuel systems.

Auto electrical sales and services

Specializing in Repairing and Servicing any Electrical faults on vehicles ranging from diesel vehicles thru to heavy earth moving equipment.

We are adept at Diagnosing & repairing your automotive electrical problems by our qualified and experience team of auto electricians offering a diagnosis and repair service for all makes and models – old or new, a comprehensive range of batteries, a large selection of spare parts and are able to help customize a system to suit your requirements

Engine parts for Cummins

Cummins Diesel has a long history of being a leading provider of a wide range of high quality diesel engines. The innovative design and incredible durability have made engines a commonplace in industries across the world. We are keeping complete range of  Genuine  engine parts for Cummins.

Turbo Charger Sales & Service

IDS specialize in the service and repair of all high speed turbochargers, and spare parts. This has been an integral part of our services since its inception. Being the authorized distributor and service center for many of the world's leading turbocharger manufacturers.

Our inventory includes complete turbochargers for several models. Designed to deliver superior performance, our turbochargers replace existing supercharging with the latest in turbocharger technology. We supply and use only quality name brand parts and offer quick turnaround servicing which means less downtime for your machinery.

Hartridge Test Benches & Tools

The Hartridge series of test benches is a very effective favorable test benches preferred by many users, as it provides modern features that reduces the inaccuracies and delays. This is also a multi-manufacturer based test bench which allows for different pumps to be tested and calibrated.

We have the latest equipment including State of the art computer controlled Hartridge test benches. With these test benches we can test and repair Common-rail injector pumps this also allows us to diagnose your diesel injector problems and diesel pump problems. Once diagnosed and diesel injector testing is complete we can carry out repairs as required. Hartridge test benches are all calibrated to industries stringent standards to ensure your fuel injection equipment is set correctly.

Filter Assembly, Waters Trop, Solenoids

IDS is the distributor of highly configurable filter assembly systems. The filter assembly can be optimized for clarification through sterile filtration applications. Fuel filter assembly with glass sight bowl, uses the popular Delphi HDF-296 type filter element. Suitable for use on most diesel engines up to approximately 120hp. purchase connector kits are also sold by us separately.

External Fuel Filter Assembly for Diesel Generator is the replaceable fuel filter assembly for your diesel generator. We are diesel specialist in this field and your one stop shop for all your performance needs. Solenoids are a great way to induce linear motion for pushing, pulling or controlling switches and levers.

IDS offer solenoids and actuators to meet an extensive range of application needs from everyday machinery to specialist sectors. Our modern warehouse facility in Al Quoz Industrial Area holds vast stocks of quality replacement parts Fuel primers and stop solenoids, covering most diesel fuel injection systems.

Relay & Battery Cut Off Switches

Relays switch high power currents using a low control current. This guarantees safe function of the loads connected (lighting, glow plug and protects these and the on-board power supply from excess load or damage. Relays are essential particularly for high-current applications.

Another advantage of relays for automotive applications is their insensitivity to interference voltages originating on the outside of the vehicle or even inside the vehicle itself: there are no problems with electromagnetic compatibility.

Relays are ideal switches across the complete ambient temperature with extremely low contact resistance in the closed state and high cut-off isolation when opened. IDS make a commitment to stock and sell product directly from our partners.

Spring Starters for Marine & Industrial Engines

Spring starters easily start your diesel engine by hand. ... IDS Distributors can inspect your spring starter and are staffed by training service technicians. We can advise you about the characteristics of different models of spring starters so that we can supply you with the model that exactly meets your requirements.

Heavy Duty Mechanical Starters & Alternators.

IDs offers an extensive line of electro mechanical starters is the most efficient and effective solution for all customer application needs. Our products which meet international standards are the perfect product solution for applications all over the world. We work on starters and alternators for automotive, heavy-duty and marine equipment. Our full-service mechanics can work on just about any vehicle or source requiring additional mechanical power.

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